About us
Dorste Exchange Photos by Alec Marshall

The idea started to take shape when the building we currently occupy became available. This location lends itself perfectly to the idea we had envisioned for our shop. Opening in April of 2009, we feel this endeavor couldn't have been more timely as we saw our economy continuing to slump. This store not only provides people with a way to earn extra money but it also gives Dorset and our surrounding communities a fun, affordable new place to shop for treasures and needful things!

We are very happy to have been able to help friends in our surrounding communities by donating items from our shop that have not been picked up after expiration. These items have been given to churches, schools, and shelters so that they in turn can help others.

Please phone: (802) 231-2520
Or email us at: info@thedorsetexchange.com

We are open Tuesday through Sunday 10-5

Closed Monday, Major Holidays, and during Blizzards